Flasher for mirrors (F3/F3-S)



FLASHER FOR F3/F3-S mirrors

Thanks to all our customers who put in their request for this awesome add on for their F3. Many of you know when you cancel your turn signal it ends up flashing the opposite way and next thing you know your going down the road for miles with your blinkers on! Well this add on piece is designed so discreetly that it just tucks up below the mirrors housing and taps into your mirror wires so there is no loose wires crossing over into the bike. It is all self contained in the mirror itself. Visually see your blinkers when flashing and allows other motorist to see your flashers from the rear and the side for greater visibility. These turn signals are mounted higher than your factory rear signals making it much more visible when the flashers are on. Specifically design and length to fit the F3 mirrors discreetly.

Comes in pairs, 1 left and 1 right

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