White driving LED with amber flasher (2 pairs) (F3/F3-S)



2 pairs DRL dual color with yellow turn signal for top and bottom

TricLED has done it again and this year we launched our highly anticipated patent pending next generation super LED`s that is truly amazing! With double the LED`s compared to our last continuous light bar, these new DRL are encased in a flexible black tube so you do not see the spaces out individual LED`s Traditional led`s with glue crack and turn yellow, these new black casing will still look just as new years from now. What`s amazing about these new DRL is they come on white and with the flasher module they turn from white to Yellow when using your flashers. Easy quick connect from LED to module then plug them into the provided 1 pin OEM harness and run 1 wire to the positive turn signal. Mounts easily to the top and bottom “A” arm. Comes with OEM harness, alcohol, primer, zip ties and color instructions. (one set only)

NOTE: Modular flasher included

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