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Set pack 3 Axle caps, For Can-Am Ryker, 2019 +

Show Chrome Accessories® has released a set of Axle Caps and Wheel Bearing Covers for the Can-Am Ryker. This set of five caps protects the axle from rust, debris and damage by securely covering the axle opening and preventing water and dirt from destroying your vehicle. The 3 sets of custom axle caps are made from durable aluminum with CNC engraved styling to complement the Show Chrome Accessories handlebar end weights and reverse gearshift lever. This kit is easy to install with a dual O-ring mounting system to hold it in place and keep water and dirt out of your axle. Secured in place by the OEM axle nut. An additional set of 2 blackened covers will fit over your inner wheel bearing on the front tires, completely sealing your axle and giving the Ryker a more finished look. These Axle Caps are quick to install and will dress up your driving! Fits all 2019 and newer Rykers.