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Fog lamp cover with integrated LEDs for Model F3

The TricLED F3 Fog Light has been a signature piece, and now with the addition of our new Fog Light Cover, safety and visibility are taken to another level..

It features a white DRL LED and an amber turn signal, all integrated into the single cover.

The exclusive fog light hole cutout makes room for our also famous "C-shape" TricLED fog light we offer and seamlessly integrates together. Fog lamp and C-shape light shown are sold separately as item TL-F3-FOG.

As with all of our TricLED products, we have made an exclusive plug and play harness for all 2015-2018 and 2019+ models BUT please confirm your model year.

2015 to 2018 models do not require the power harness and power splitter BUT - For models 2019 and up, you need the harness under the item number TL-FF19+PH

Take your forward visibility to another level with these unique fog light covers. Simple two (2) screw installation, just like OEM fairings.