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Sequential front fenders for 2019 and 2020 + F3 series as well as RT / RTL 2020 +

New and improved sequential LEDs for the front fenders on the 2019 AND 2020 Spyder for the F3 series and the 2020 RT / RTL. Our best safety feature has always been how to light the front fenders. Since 2008 with the Tricfenderz then with the fender changes we Introduced in 2013 and updated over the years, the integrated sequential redesign of the red reflector and the yellow reflector has been significantly changed. A brand new, brighter chip design, more compact LEDs and an internally integrated sequential chip. Installation is easy with the push-in connectors that connect the two lights together, then plug into the supplied OEM harness. Instead of just the traditional flashes, it will perform a back-to-front sequence. This sequential movement attracts the attention of other drivers on the road and helps increase visibility. See the video below

Comes complete with connectors that are easy to plug into the inside of the wing. Detailed full-color instruction manual for quick and easy installation.

For all new style fenders 2019+ you will need the splitter kit to install the bicolor DRL kit if you don’t have one alreadySold separately under item # TL-FF19+PH. Once you have that, you can easily extend and use this setup for any one or two color add-ons in the future.