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DRL LED daytime running lights A-Arm front and turn signal until 2018 ONLY

For models up to 2018 ONLY

Our 2nd generation daytime running lights are wrapped in a flexible smoked tube. The best feature of this DRL is the two-color functionality. Bright white position light that incorporates full integration of orange turn signals when the turn signal is activated. This kit comes in 2 pairs, for your upper and lower A-arms Easy installation with OEM harness and quick connections. This plug and play DRL is only compatible until 2018. Models from 2019 have removed the current OEM socket so a new alternative is under the models TL-RT19-DRL-DU for RT 2019 Only and the model TL-DRL19 + DU for F3 series 2019 and up as well as for RT 2020 and up.