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A Dual Color DRL Flashing Arm For Ryker

The new dual color DRL turn signal and Ryker turn signal set your Ryker apart from all the rest. Our Pat Pend design is sleek and understated in a smoky tube. Our LED design allows each LED to be aligned in a row without any spacing. Connecting multiple DRLs to a module is part of our design and allows for easy connection via a plug-and-play OEM connector for power. To activate the yellow turn signal, all you need is a simple 1-wire plug to control all DRL turn signals in yellow. If you are installing multiple DRLs with a yellow blinker, add one 1: 4 splitter per side to make installation even easier by combining all power inputs into one splitter and only using one blinker for all of your DRLs. See TL-RY-SPLIT