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Dynamic Driving Light Kit for Spyder F3/F3T/F3LTD (2019+) and RT Models (2020+)

Dynamic Driving Light Kit for Spyder F3/F3T/F3LTD  (2019+) and RT Models (2020+)

If you plan on doing any type of night driving in your Spyder, you'll want to see what's in front of you...especially if you like to carve out those dark roads like we do. There are often no street lights and it's easy to be caught off guard by wildlife, road accidents or potholes. So we've teamed up with the team at TricLED to bring you a bolt-on dynamic LED driving lighting system for 2019 and newer Can-Am Spyder F3 models and 2020 and newer Spyder RT models. This kit includes two 2" 3000 lumen LED driving lights that emit a bright white 6000K on the Kelvin scale to perfectly complement our aftermarket LED headlights. Each lamp is enclosed in a waterproof housing and features A built-in heat sink for rapid heat dissipation. You will also receive a waterproof switch so you can turn your high beams on/off with just the press of a button.


The lights are held in place with fully adjustable black powder coated brackets that attach to the front fender bracket with included stainless steel hardware. This mounting location is ideal because it allows the high beams to project light in the same direction as you turn your handlebars. This is commonly called dynamic or adaptive lighting and significantly widens your field of vision when driving around corners since the high beams are pointed in the direction your Spyder is going next.