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Fuse box

Easy to install and fits into a small space. This fuse box has a relay card and offers the choice of a device to be switched on or off automatically with the vehicle or to be permanently powered. Installation for the fuse block does not require crimping. All connections are made with the help of "heavy duty" screws which can accept up to 12 gauge wire. All that the fuse box needs are 12VDC, a "ground" and 12VDC switch to make it. fully functional. The circuit layout offers six individual fuse circuits that can provide constant or switch power for each accessory depending on your needs.

Normally to have a switching power and for a constant power, you would need two fuse boxes. The SZ-FZB box eliminates the need to wire two fuse blocks by providing two types of power in one unit. It cuts the wiring by more than half and lets you select the type of power you want for each outlet. Another important factor to consider is the CanBus system on board the Spyder. It is sensitive to transient voltages which sometimes could create an error or fault code. A standard relay has a coil and when the electric field on the collapsing coil the energy has to go somewhere. The tension moves through the wiring and if it is not blocked the transfer can also go to the motorcycle. The SZ-FZB box provides two diodes to prevent this from happening. The two diodes provide protection by ensuring that transient voltages are grounded or blocked so they do not get into the Spyder's wiring.