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Amber and red LED for front fender with sequential turn signals for Ryker

Finally, we present to you the new Ryker front fender LEDs. Unlike anything you've seen before, these custom LEDs are a perfect fit for Original Equipment, with a factory-like reflector. These are no ordinary point-to-point LEDs, our lights are custom built with a continuous shine appearance and the brightest in the industry unmatched compared to traditional LEDs. The best feature is that we have integrated a sequential turn signal in the amber and red light and a custom harness to make it true plug and play. No wires to cut or splice, no wires coming out of the wing. Just plug it in and turn it on. All the wiring is neat and discreet in the space inside the wing. Our installation process makes it easy to replace the original non-functional plastic with a glowing light, with additional safety features for optimal visibility along the way. We've taken a step forward by adding a matching red rear reflector to replace the factory sticker. This new reflector is specially adapted to the curvature of the Ryker's wings. The red LED integrates into the turn signal and works simultaneously when you turn on your turn signal, giving it increased visibility from behind. When you add red, all you need to do is plug the supplied 1: 2 splitter into the amber LED and that's all that's needed for installation.