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Ryker TricFenderz LED in White and Red changes to flashing Generation 2

Generation 2 for Ryker base 2019 + and Ryker Sport 2022 + see TL-RY-TF-DU and Rally model 2019 to 2021 under TL-RALLY-TF-DU and for Rally model 2022 + see TL model -RALLY22-TF-DU. TricFenderz is the LED company that is making a big impact on safety. The double-split color LEDs are white on the front and red on the back. The new generation adds the indicator. They turn amber when you engage the flashing function. They offer incredible visibility day and night. When turned off there is no unsightly point-to-point LED circuit with gaps as large as the others, the nano LED is our original design with minimal spacing to produce a continuous line glow. Super flexible. Quick connects to the OEM factory access harness are provided for simple installation with no bare wires. Just connect and turn on. Our Pat Pend smoke tube gives the LED a smooth look that blends in with any Ryker color.


For all new style fenders 2019+, you will need the Front Fender 12V Power Harness and Power Splitter to your Spyder or Ryker 2019 and up. If you don't already have one, sold separately under item # TL-FF19+PH. Once you have this, you can easily expand and use this setup for any single or dual color add-ons in the future.