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Ryker MAX LED position, brake and flasher * MAX rack required *

* The Ryker must have a Max Bracket to install these LED Kits - The Max Bracket is not included and is sold separately from your dealer *  

Rear brake lights are often difficult to see due to their low placement. We have found a great solution to place the lighting for the additional brake and the turn signal higher. Our custom length smoked tube LEDs are discreet and fit perfectly under the seat. The benefits of the smoked tube are that it helps protect the LED from debris and the elements, and the look blends into Ryker without seeing the exposed LED chips. With over 100 LEDs, it forms a continuous line like no other on the market. The LED kit works as a turn signal, brake and turn signal all in one. All plug and play with custom OEM harness included, to connect directly to factory harness. No cutting or splicing of wires. An essential safety element for rear visibility!