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Midrider Base Double Black Seat for your RS/GS and ST from Ultimate Seat

On order only  - Delivery times 4 to 6 weeks

If you want a different seating position than the Midrider base in this item email me to confirm the position

First choice to make is seat position: For RS / GS and ST series – 3 options available.

  1. Mid Rider position that gives you the same position as your original seat
  2. Tall boy position that takes you 1 inch further from the handles.
  3. Low position that brings you 2 inches closer to the handles

The base price for the model without other options in Black is $680.00

For the other options available in the base model:

With Driver Backrest $905.00

With Passenger Backrest $880.00

With Both Folders $1105.00

Later you can add gray spider embroidery (logo) for $45

If there are other desired changes, send me an email to confirm.