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Pedal Commander for Spyder engine 1330 2014 to 2023

Fits Spyder with 1330 engine - 2014 to 2023 NOT COMPATIBLE WITH RT and all 2024 F3

What is Pedal Commander? Pedal Commander is the world's most advanced throttle controller. It eliminates response delays from your electronic accelerator pedal, allowing your engine to respond more quickly and resulting in much faster acceleration. It eliminates throttle lag by providing new reference points for your throttle.

The Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport and Sport +. Each control mode has 8 additional modes to further adjust the sensitivity as you like. These 36 different settings make Pedal Commander the best throttle response controller on the market. The unit is also programmable to your desired specifications and is now Bluetooth enabled for easy operation using your smartphone.

Riding the pedal board literally feels like you've just added a supercharger, the throttle response is sharper, more responsive and instant power you can feel. With the easy push-button controller, you easily adjust while you ride to fit your riding preferences. 4 riding modes and precise adjustment of each mode allow you to adapt to the way you ride. Press the button for sporty performance and hang on! Hands down one of the most exciting performance additions. Try one for yourself and unleash your Spyder!

The Pedal Commander does not void your warranty or interfere with your Spyder's emissions control system.

2-year product warranty with technical support and full Bluetooth connectivity.