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The “Air Management System” 2008-2012 GS / RS / RSS Only

This kit contains two parts to properly manage the "HOT" air coming from your radiator and redirect the "HOT" air through the side vent and not onto your foot. Features a freshly redesigned “E-SCOOP” (***) to force “HOT” air back and out inside the fairing.
The "E-SCOOP" brings in cooler, cooler air at a high speed causing a blowing effect on the air which divides from the radiator into the interior of the fairing which would otherwise be forced back into the radiator.
The “Redirector” is a complex extension of the factory shovel that redirects all “HOT” air that the radiator produces through the side vent and divides the overflow into the fairing. This "Redirector" has a foam gasket to close the gap which would otherwise allow "HOT" air to come around the extension.
Both pieces are made from black polycarbonate to withstand high temperatures and remain light and strong.