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Dual Color REAR FACING A-Arm Running Light Strips with Blinker for F3 Series and RT 2019+

One of our most popular lighting modules for the Can-Am Spyder F3 & RT has been our "front" TricLED dual strips for the front arms. Front stripes give you bright white running lights and integrated amber turn signals increasing visibility for oncoming motorists. We are pleased to introduce these two "rear facing" front arm bands that adhere to the back of your upper and lower front arms. These LED strips emit a bright red running light (DRL) and also feature amber turn signal integration. Like our front stripes, these rear stripes have the patent pending smoke tube finish, for protection from the elements, and so that the stripes blend in well with the Spyder, when the ignition is "off". These rear facing front arm lights are sold as a set of 4 strips and can be used alone or paired with our front A-arm strips for a brilliant display of lighting both front and rear. rear of the Spyder. If you are using these rear-facing A-arm bands in conjunction with our forward-facing A-arm bands, you will need our optional 12V 1:4 power splitter. Please also note that you must already have our 1:2 Front Fender Power Harness installed, to provide power and turn signal functionality to this modification.

You will need a TL-FF19+PH harness splitter sold separately.If you already have this item, everything becomes a plug and play application. Combine this with our two-tone DRL to complete an impressive combination of safety and visibility.