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DRL lights for Front arm with turn signals for F3-2019 + and RT2020 +

Our bi-color DRL is the new generation of daytime running light with turn signals for new models F3 series 2019 and up as well as RT 2020 and up.  This item does not fit on the RT 2019 - see item TL-RT19-DRL-DU.

We launched the DRL in 2008 with the very first Can Am GS model and we continue to rewrite the standards for safety and visibility. Our Sequential Pat Pend is wrapped in a smoky silicone tube and with continuously wrapped LEDs unlike the old-fashioned LEDs where they are spaced out and covered only with glue which discolors and hardens in just a few months. The new 2019 fenders have completely changed and setup is now easier with all new OEM harnesses. The kit comes with 4 A-Arm two-color LED strips. They glow bright white when the key is on and turn yellow when the turn signal is on.

For all new style fenders 2019+, you will need the splitter kit to install the bicolor DRL kit if you don't already have one. Sold separately under item # TL-19 + PLUG-DRL. Once you have that, you can easily extend and use this setup for any one or two color add-ons in the future.