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Rear Brake Light Flasher Signal Module for Spyder F3T/F3LTD Series and the RT/RTL 2020+

TricLED is once again making sure distracted motorists are alerted when you step on the brake pedal of your Can-Am Spyder F3T, F3L or 2020+ RT with our Plug N Play flasher signal. This kit comes with a modulator for each rear brake light that simply plugs into the factory harness and so you can have the "lower" part of your 2020+ RT or 2016+ F3T/F3L flashing when the brake pedal is depressed. (Lower means your taillights). It will not flash the middle upper OEM housing light, but any additional TricLED lights you have installed that use the lower taillight OEM harness will also flash with the brake flasher signal. The brake light flashes "3 times" to attract the attention of possibly distracted motorists.