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Rear position lights, brake and yellow indicator for RT / RTL 2020+

When it comes to safety, visibility and innovative products, we are your source. Over the past 12 years, we have focused our efforts on your visibility and safety. Our products are unique, carefully designed to integrate perfectly with your Spyder. Unlike most companies that just take generic LEDs and run them and brake, we have a proprietary two-color chip in one chip. Our LEDs are lined up one after the other, plus our Pat Pend smoked silicone tube, which shields all of your lights from the elements. We stand behind our lighting products for as long as you own your Spyder!

This two-color run / brake and spin LED comes with the only plug and play OEM harness on the market. A plug in the OEM harness of our flasher module and LED is all you need to do. The effects are simply breathtaking. The way we positioned the lights is shaped like an arrow, so when applying the turn signal it flashes yellow in the shape of an arrow.