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Double seat with color insert for your Ultimate Seat RS/GS and ST

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On order only  - Delivery time 5 to 7 weeks

Email me with details of what you are interested in as well as any questions you have before making your purchase. After deciding what is right for you, and you approve the selection, I send you the invoice and confirmation of your order.

First choice to make is seat position: For RS / GS and ST series – 3 options available.

  1. Mid Rider position that gives you the same position as your original seat
  2. Tall boy position that takes you 1 inch further from the handles.
  3. Reduce Reach that brings you 2 inches closer to the handles

Next you need to decide if you want the color inserts in Imitation Ostrich Red or Yellow Vinyl.

The base price for the model with color insert without other options is $780.00

For the other options available in the basic model:

With Driver Backrest $1005.00

With Both Folders $1205.00

Then you can add the following additions

Gray spider embroidery (logo) - +$45.00 each

Rain cover for the seat only +$45 - if you want for 1 backrest +$55 and if you want for both backrests +$65