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Removable driver's backrest for Ultimate Seat Ryker with carbon fiber pattern trim

On order - 2 to 3 weeks delay

Backrest for Ultimate Seats. All Ultimate Ryker seats have the driver's backrest mechanism integrated, so you can add the backrest at any time. The driver's backrest slides in and out quickly and easily with an integrated spring-loaded piston lock that is part of the backrest hardware permanently mounted inside the seat.

• Cushion measures 7 "high by 10" wide by 1.5 "thick. • Constructed with the same memory foam as our seats. • Infinite recline to match the angle of your back. • The backrest folds forward for easy mounting and dismounting of your bike. • Front and rear adjustment is over 2 inches. • Adjusts with a thumb screw while you ride. • No need to remove the seat or to use a key. • Includes a zippered storage pouch that hooks onto the back of the backrest.